Santa Margarita

A country house 5min from Mahon to live in all year round.

Santa Margarita is a typical century-old Menorcan house that used to house several family members and animals. Santa Margarita is now going to be a year-round home for a family who want to make it a comfortable place to live in both summer and winter, and also to work from home. We see it as a discussion between the past and the present:

– from the past they are some authentic elements of the house to be left as they are or restored (clay tiles, old staircase), and family furniture from Asturias,

– and of the present: they are technological equipments in the kitchen (Sub-Zero), contemporary art, designer lighting (Artemide, Castiglioni lamps), and of course all the comforts of a home made for all year round (insulation, heating, domotica, etc.)


Private house / Agrotourism






MenorcaStudio : Miguel J. Robertson – ….
Photographer: Talaiot Estudios